Who qualifies to reimburse RTM?

Who can order and bill for Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (Source)?

“Unlike the RPM codes, RTM services are available to Qualified Health Care Practitioners (“QHCPs”) who are not able to independently order and bill for E/M services. This is great news for physical therapists, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists, and other QHCPs who are eligible to bill the general Medicine codes. These practitioners can now order and bill the RTM codes without the need for a physician or Non-Physician Practitioner (“NPP”) subject to state scope of practice and supervision requirements, expanding available use cases for RTM considerably.”

RTM codes are currently available for:

+ Physical therapists
+ Occupational therapists
+ Speech-language Pathologists
+ Physician Assistants
+ Nurse Practitioners
+ Clinical Social Workers
+ Clinical psychologists


Some licenses are not yet included in insurance policies:

+ LMFTs and LPCs are not yet included in Medicare, though policy for their inclusion is currently being discussed with many sponsors in the house.
+ Marriage and family counseling can be billed via Medicare Part B, but it must include a diagnosis and treatment plan for a mental health condition (i.e., Anxiety).

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