3 Types of Online Counseling Software

3 Types of Online Counseling Software

Technology has forever changed the way therapists and counselors deliver mental health therapy services. With COVID-19 shutting down offices, reducing in-person sessions, and lighting a fire under the telehealth space, it’s no wonder there are a million different ways to run a practice. Online sessions, conducted using various types of online counseling software, have become a prominent option for clients searching for affordable and convenient access to mental health care.

While every therapist’s toolbox is in a constant state of shift, the most common equipment for online counseling services includes email, text messages, online chat, video conferencing, and mobile applications. Online counseling isn’t ideal for everyone, but it is a worthwhile addition to developing practices. In this article, we will be listing some of the most promising software types that are necessary to grow your clientele in a digitally advancing world. 

What is an online counseling software?

An online counseling software is any software that enables mental health professionals to deliver remote healthcare services. Online counseling, also referred to as teletherapy, online therapy, or virtual therapy, has become one of the most prominent uses of technology in the healthcare space. With the sudden need emerging for convenient alternatives or supplemental session support in the counseling space, telehealth has become a thriving niche of developing software. 

Video Counseling Software

Online therapy (telehealth, e-counseling, teletherapy, e-therapy, and cyber-counseling), is a fairly young concept, that took the industry by storm as COVID-19 shut down offices across the nation. The software allows a therapist or counselor to provide psychological advice and support via the internet.

The National Board of Certified Counselors describes online therapy as “the practice of professional counseling and information delivery that occurs when client[s] and counselor[s] are in separate or remote locations and utilize electronic means to communicate over the internet.” (Source)

Video counseling software feeds the need for personal interaction between patient and client. Body language and expression are telling signs in sessions and shouldn’t be forgotten in the new age of therapy. 

Video Counseling Software

Accessibility and convenience of video platforms are undeniable.Clients require a safe place to conduct video calls.
Video sessions open a practice to be able to serve a wider geographic area.This technology may not be suitable for more high-risk clients, that need more extensive support.
Sufferers of social anxiety are able to find access to care that they may not have been previously open to.Clients will need to be technically set up to move forward with the service. With equipment requirements and skillsets not everyone has.
Research shows that video sessions are just as effective as traditional in-person therapy.Some nonverbal cues may be missed in this atmosphere. Closer attention may be needed from the practitioner.

Messaging Software

Text therapy is a way to access a mental health professional through a mobile device or computer. Clients wouldn’t be waiting until you have an appointment available, but it is just a text away whenever they feel they need help.

Using messaging software can be convenient and helpful, but should more than likely be considered an ancillary service instead of the entire communication between therapist and client. This is to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and can be challenging when trying to treat complex and sensitive conditions. 

Messaging Software

Accessibility and convenience of messaging platforms.Text therapy can be shorter form and more challenging to get to the heart of bigger issues.
There is less need to commit to a concrete meeting timeline.Delayed responses can be hard on both counselors and clients.
Mental health professionals can open themselves up to new geographic locations.They are poor platforms for mental health emergencies.
It can be easier for clients to open up quickly as they aren’t bearing their hearts to a face, there’s a level of anonymity.Clients will need to be technologically supported.

Between Session Support Software

Between session support software can be incredibly helpful when working with clients on a specific type of healing journey. Providing patients with assessments, videos, homework, and practice guides helps the healing progress while not in session. This software category is still developing and many clinicians are still developing or sourcing their between-session homework from all across the web instead of a centralized location. 

Though between session therapy software may be considered an extra on the typical online counseling software spectrum, there are a number of reasons to pursue this offering. Especially if this software has other features making it worthwhile to integrate, the reward could be more successful outcomes, a cleaner session to session understanding of progress, and an increased value offering for each client. 

Between Session Support Software

Clients who complete their homework generally have better treatment outcomes.Clients may not take advantage of between-session support and make the software less valuable in that relationship.
Great for putting techniques into practice without the observing eye of a counselor watching.Does require the client to participate digitally.
Digital delivery of homework can cut down extra efforts on the part of the therapist to collect, distribute, and review the homework during session time.Having so many different types of software involved in your practice can be a headache.

Noble is an App Created for Therapists by Therapists

As mental health professionals, we believe that the most remarkable client outcomes are made possible through between-session work. We support our clients through content, assignments, and communication. Between sessions, we make support easy to track and prescribe. 

Noble continues the development of various types of online counseling software and materials for better between-session care. We support businesses, counselors, mental health professionals, and clients by enabling better care outside of sessions. Noble is paving a smoother path to healing. If you have questions about integrating our platform into your practice, contact Noble today or:

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