July 2024 Updates

Boost your goals

New features just launched!

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    Detailed goal setting
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    Roadmap library
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    Seamlessly reschedule coaching calls
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    Steps tracker for metabolic health

What is new?

The W.O.O.P. Framework

(Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan) helps individuals achieve their goals by providing a structured approach to goal-setting and problem-solving. By clearly defining what they wish to achieve and visualizing the desired outcome, individuals can stay motivated.

Modifying Calls

We understand that your schedule can get busy and last-minute cancellations happen. Now, you can easily reschedule or cancel your coaching calls right from your home page.

Finding Roadmaps

All your Roadmaps are now conveniently located in one place! Click the play button icon to easily view which Roadmaps you’ve started, completed, or which ones are new.

Tracking Steps

With our latest feature, you can now track your daily steps directly within the app, helping you stay on top of your health goals.

Why are we excited about this release?

We’ve upgraded several key features of our app to ensure clients feel more guided and in control of their coaching experience with us.

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