Employee Mental Health Programs to Include in a Corporate Wellness Program

What is corporate wellness really?

A corporate wellness program is a group of benefits a company provides to improve the well-being of its employees. Corporate wellness programs are there to help employees stay healthy (mentally and physically) which helps facilitate a better workplace. Often companies advertise their corporate wellness programs to attract talent and increase job satisfaction across the company.

Benefits of Employee Mental Health Programs

Whether employers implement one or multiple solutions, employee mental health programs offer extra support to employees whenever the need arises. Having employee mental health programs can support a number of business goals and create a safer working environment for the modern employee.

Increased Productivity: In periods of high stress, employees become less productive. Mental illness can disrupt more than life at home, and commonly bleeds into the workplace. In the workplace, mental health challenges can cause issues in communication, morale, and productivity. 

Increased Retention: The costs of hiring, onboarding, and establishing employees (especially in remote environments) make retaining employees a continued priority for growing companies. The value of providing employee mental health resources as a part of a comprehensive wellness offering has an obvious return on investment. 

Overall Employee Health: There are additional hidden benefits of happy employees as an employee suffering from depression, is more likely to end up battling cancer or heart disease. Employers who choose to invest in employee mental health resources are also working to minimize threats to their employees’ long-term physical health.

Burnout Prevention: Employee burnout is often caused by stress and overwork, it’s imperative that employers tackle burnout in multiple ways. Employee mental health resources that reduce burnout and other significant stressors help encourage a healthy and productive workforce. 

Common Corporate Wellness Program Offerings

A company’s health and wellness program should be unique to its employees. Programs vary based on industry standards, work facilities, available funds, and company size. There are lots of options on the market to get started on developing more attractive benefits for employees. 

General Employee Wellness Offerings

Financial Education: Financial education can include financial coaching, student loan assistance, emergency savings support, and financial planning, alongside more traditional benefits such as 401(k) retirement savings plans.

Remote or Hybrid Flexible Working Conditions: After the COVID pandemic remote and hybrid working options took the world by storm. The flexibility became a necessity for many individuals and families that shifted their lives to provide extra layers of safety, comfort, and convenience. 

Gym or Fitness Stipend: Some companies continue to offer reimbursements for gym memberships, at-home fitness gear, or even running shoes. This reimbursement or stipend can encourage employees to be more active and pursue health-focused activities. 

Employee Mental Health Programs

Meditation Programs: Meditation programs such as Headspace, Calm, and Simple Habit have been provided by some employers to help invest in employee mental health and rejuvenation. 

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP): EAP programs have been around since the 1930s and were originally created to deal with occupational alcoholism. Now EAP’s are organized to support employees when going through personal challenges such as family challenges, social issues, and professional development. 

Access to Therapy Resources:

In-Person or Video Therapy

Many employers added mental health and therapy options to healthcare plans in recent years. Most popularly in person and video therapy have taken center stage in the wellness arena. Companies like Betterhelp offer blanket therapy services for employers to consider in their offerings. 

Chat or Text Therapy

Companies with smaller budgets have gone after offerings more surrounded by text or chat therapy support. Organizations such as Talkspace have brought this offering into the light but continue to offer a more blanket set of services as opposed to specialized therapy options based on specific individual circumstances. 

Therapy Resources

Another option for employee mental health programs is to set up more free-roaming therapy options. A self-organized therapy structure allows individuals to pursue support and coaching in specific elements of their lives such as depression, anxiety, burnout, or parenting. 

Start Customizing an Employee Mental Health Program for Your Employees

Here at Noble, we value evidence-based mental health care. Our program supports individuals through issues related to parenting, depression, anxiety, burnout, addiction, and many other mental health challenges. With an ultimate goal of healthier, more productive, and happier employees, we partner with employers to provide the resources and support needed to help individuals thrive.

Noble supports businesses, counselors, mental health professionals, and clients, paving a smoother path to healing. If you have questions about using our platform for your employees, Contact Noble today

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