Benefits of Providing Employee Mental Health Resources

With growing distress in the world, employees are feeling more tapped and trapped than ever. They are leaning more and more on their healthcare plans to satisfy their mental health needs. With a competitive labor market and companies offering more and more out-of-the-box benefits solutions it’s a great time to evaluate employee mental health resources. 

While many employers offer gym memberships, EAPs, and other kinds of perks, it’s important to reflect on benefits that will support the end goals of the employees as well as the company.  

What are Employee Mental Health Resources? 

Employee mental health resources can be more comprehensive health insurance plans that include coaching, counseling, or therapy, or more general services that support employees solving problems — like finances, stress, or other non-work conflicts.

An employer should consider a variety of mental health benefits, including in-person counseling, video-supported therapy, apps for exercise motivation or mindfulness, or a hybrid approach that offers something more individualized. 

Whether employers implement one or multiple solutions, mental health benefits offer extra support to employees whenever the need arises. Having employee mental health resources can support a number of business goals and create a safer working environment for the modern employee.

Benefits of Employee Mental Health Resources for Employers 

Increased Productivity: In periods of high stress, employees become less productive. Mental illness can disrupt more than life at home, and commonly bleeds into the workplace. In the workplace, mental health challenges can cause issues in communication, morale, and productivity. Globally, mental health issues cost businesses $1 trillion due to lost productivity.

Mental health resources can support employees and improve overall stress levels, while reducing the risk of physical ailments. Employees with mental health support are shown to have higher productivity, translating to a more productive workforce.

Increased Retention: In a competitive labor market, it’s critical for companies to offer benefits that will secure and retain talent. Companies offering access to 7 or more employee health and wellness programs are nearly 2 times as likely to retain current employees, according to a survey by Optum. Employees are also 3 times as likely to recommend their company to other potential employees. 

The costs of hiring, onboarding, and establishing employees (especially in remote environments) make retaining employees a continued priority for growing companies. The value of providing employee mental health resources as a part of a comprehensive wellness offering has an obvious return on investment. 

Prevent Burnout: Burnout can devastate highly productive employees and throw additional challenges into carefully laid business plans. Employee burnout is often caused by stress and overwork, it’s imperative that employers tackle burnout in multiple ways. Employee mental health resources that aim to reduce burnout and other major stressors help encourage a healthy and productive workforce. 

A survey from Deloitte uncovered that 77% of respondents had experienced burnout at their current job, with over half noting more than one occurrence. This survey also highlighted that employers are not supporting employees with wellness programs that employees find valuable to manage stress in the workplace.

Improve Overall Employee Health: Mental illness can obviously severely affect an employee’s productivity and performance. Because an employee suffering from depression is more likely to struggle with serious illnesses in the future, employers who choose to invest in employee mental health resources are also working to minimize threats to their employees’ long term physical health.

Additionally, individuals who are concerned about stigmas associated with mental health disorders often don’t seek out treatment and aren’t diagnosed early enough. This leads to a progression of symptoms that may be more expensive to manage. A 2018 study commissioned by the American Heart Association marked that evidence-based treatments can save between $2 and $4 for every dollar invested.

Examples of Common Corporate Wellness Offerings

Employee mental health resources are an ever-shifting offering for companies. Deciding which offering is right for both the employees and the employers is another challenge altogether. The key in moving forward is knowing how many options you have to choose from, weighing the pros and cons of each option, and looking for feedback from the employees themselves. 

  • EAPs and coaching
  • Mental health included in health insurance offering
  • Leadership and management training
  • Resiliency training and stress management
  • Proper parental leave
  • Appropriate paid time off
  • Flexible work offerings
  • Gym or physical wellness stipends
  • Childcare support 
  • Social gatherings and opportunities to connect outside of the office

Start Organizing a Proper Corporate Wellness Program 

The future of the employee/employer relationship is based on the full employment package. Modern companies are typically choosing multiple programs to offer employees as workplace incentives. With mental healthcare becoming a more prominent cause in our society an employer should be considering a range of mental health benefits. 

Creating diverse employee mental health resources builds opportunities for employees to start receiving treatment for mental health issues that may be affecting their success in the workplace. Some options are in-person counseling, therapy applications, exercise motivation or mindfulness tools, or a hybrid approach that gives an employee a customizable and personal program. 

Here at Noble, we value evidence-based mental health care. Our program supports individuals through issues related to parenting, depression, anxiety, burnout, addiction, and many other mental health challenges. With an ultimate goal of healthier, more productive, and happier employees, we partner with employers to provide the resources and support needed to help individuals thrive.

Noble supports businesses, counselors, mental health professionals, and clients, paving a smoother path to healing. If you have questions about using our platform for your employees, Contact Noble today

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