We reduce
health claims.

why tackle this problem?

For self insured employers,
30-35% of claims are driven by
1-2% of employees

Diabetes adds $10,000 per year

A person with diabetes costs an employer $10,000 more per year than someone without the condition


Prediabetes converts to diabetes at 9% per year

1 in 3 American adults a re living with prediabetes. prediabetes converts to type 2 diabetes at the rate of 9% per year.


Obesity costs $1,429
more than normal weight

The medical cost for people who have obesity was $1,429 higher than those of normal weight.


Depression, anxiety, and emotional disorders add $1,646 per case

The average cost per case of depression, anxiety, and emotional disorders was $1,646, with 53% coming from indirect costs and 47% from direct costs.



Technology can't do it alone. Social connection is a pillar of lifestyle medicine.

There exists a high and negative correlation between technology use, mental health, physical health, and loneliness.

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Meet. Mentor. Measure. Modify.

In an age of increasing isolation, we’ve built a solution around a simple concept-talking and listening. We use technology to increase human connection, reduce symptoms, and enhance healing.

Patients Love the Experience

Our human-centric platform can reduce costly health claims.

Human connection reduces HBA1c

the intervention group involving social connections had a significantly greater decrease in HbA1c and blood glucose than individuals in a control group.


Peer health coaching significantly improved diabetes control

At 6 months, HbA1C levels had decreased by 1.07% in the coached group and 0.3% in the usual care group, a difference of 0.77% in favor of coaching (P = .01, adjusted). HbA1C levels decreased 1.0% or more in 49.6% of coached patients vs 31.5% of usual care patients (P = .001, adjusted), and levels at 6 months were less than 7.5% for 22.0% of coached vs 14.9% of usual care patients (P = .04, adjusted).


We are a passionate group of companies coming together to improve quality of life through long-term behavior change.

We’ve built a meaningful combo of human connection, technology, and AI that drive financial and behavioral outcomes.​

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